BookStory Monitor Extension


To download and install Story Monitor:

  1. Click here to Install Version 0.92
  2. One of three things will happen:
  3. Wait for the 2 second timer to count down, then click the "Install Now" button in the installation dialog.
  4. Restart Firefox.

The extension has been tested on Firefox 1.0.7 and Firefox 1.5. It should be compatible with all 1.0.x versions (but if you have an older version you should update it to get the latest security patches).

It is developed and tested on Windows XP, but should run on any operating system that supports Firefox. Read/write access is required to your Firefox profile folder.

If you understand javascript and would like to examine the source code of the extension before installing it, right click on the above link and click "Save As" then follow the instructions on the Developers page to view the source code.

Older Versions

You can view all releases of the extension here.

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